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Eomir / Jan 22, 2014
We've been planning it for a while now trying to get the idea materialised and now is the time that we finally made it!
What I am talking about? 16man hard mode ops!
After few weeks of talking and looking we are now able to run a cross guild-operation to get the numbers we need for 16man hm ops. We will be trying that on this Wednesday. So to all our "progressors" or people who are geared enough to join hard mode ops, I invite you to this trial run! Let's get our game on. So for starters we will be looking for our regular number of 8 people to get our part of the spots covered. So how would you like to make our ops even bigger?

We are waiting for you to join!
Eomir / Jan 10, 2014
Since holidays have passed and most people are back to our usual every day lives, it's time to get the operations back to their schedule...
But seeing that there are people that sign for ops and don't actually show up for them, while others don't sign for them and yet they would like to join, I would like to ask from each and everyone of you to be a little bit more reliable with their signing....

So please, take your time to sign up if you wish to join ops. If you are not sure you can make it there is always the "Maybe" option and finally, if for some reason you will not be able to join even if you signed up, please let us know some time before ops (an hour or so would be nice and thoughtful).

See you all online!
Diesoon / Jan 05, 2014
.. the new year that is. So here we are, winter holiday season over for now and everyone's getting back to the rhythm of the mundane everyday life. Isn't it grand.. So, time for us to get back to the business as well, business of shootin' and lootin' and so on. The Gree event and Life Day event are over for now, one of those may come back sooner then other, soon we should have the bounty hunting event active again too. No news yet on new (and old) rakghoul content but it'll be around eventually.
Diesoon / Dec 26, 2013
Well, the holidays are here. Christmas for those who celebrate it, "days off from work" to be happy about to others. In any case, happy holidays to everyone. During the holidays we're slowing our usual activity down a bit so that people can relax and be with their families and friends, but we'll be back again once the new year is here, on second week of January (starting on 6th of January). Which is only couple of weeks away, even less now. Meanwhile, the Gree ship Gray Secant has landed on Ilum and there's that Life Day event going on as well.

So rest and relax and have happy holidays and back in action in January!
Diesoon / Dec 06, 2013
Winter is coming.

December is here. We've had our double XP weekend while there was the turkey eating contest in US. Wonder who won this year... Anyhoo, soon the bounty week is back (starts on 10th of December specifically and lasts for a week, as usual), the rakghoul even will also be out "soon" and the Gree will also be back "soon". When's this "soon" is anyone's guess, though.

Other then that, the "SSSP project" is now live and is called Galactic Starfighter. Or rather, it's the early release for subscribers, actual launch is in 2014. As expected, people have received it with mixed feelings but the fact is that as far as the "space flight" in SWToR goes it's definitely an improvement when compared to existing space content. Which was old already in 1990's. It does have some limiting factors as well, one being that it's just PvP for now but who knows, maybe at some point BW/EA will advance it and replace the current horrid PvE space content as well. We can only hope. For now it is additional content featuring new ways of playing and as a guild we'll try to run weekly events for this content, everyone's welcome to sign up and try it. Several of our guild members have become already quite experienced with it.

In other news we're continuing working on clearing HM operations content. Now, to clarify, we're a casual guild who likes to run regular operations and thus we're not rushing through the content at a fast speed. We take it at our own pace which may or may not be suitable for everyone, but the fact is we are progressing through the content, learning as we go and getting better at it every time. We're still looking for some new members as well in hopes to have one day enough like minded "raiders" to form our own 16-member guild raiding team. If you think that our way of playing suits you and you're a mature person and would like to play with us, seek out our guild members and let them know about your wish and we'll be happy to have you.

Addendum: on 17th of December two in-game events will be activated, specifically Life Day event and Gree event. Both events will run until 1st of January.
Diesoon / Nov 25, 2013
... is the double XP weekend, starting November 27th and continuing through weekend until December 2nd. So if you have any "wee ones" who need a boost, this is the time. Note that if you have those XP booster packs, save those up because the bonus received from those does stack with the double XP bonus, so you'd reap the biggest rewards there are. So as once, long ago, some long haired dude screamed while riding on a horse in some backwater wood during the morning mist or something, "Go forth Star Wars'lingas!".

In other news, December is already almost here and as you all know, there will be this early launch of that space thingy. Or we'll get the ships we can fiddle with but not yet fly them, whichever comes first. Also the patch 2.5 is on the way and should bring joy to some classes while leave other classes with a question "where's our stuff!" but that's how things are. Bounty event is back in-game starting from 10th of December and Gree event should be back "soon", though when this "soon" specifically is we have no idea. We'll see, in any case.
Diesoon / Nov 08, 2013
Less then one month is away when the new digital space PvP content details start to appear in-game. Sadly it's only PvP specific right now so the PvE specific space combat will still be as it is - way too old and outdated even for 1990's. Bioware hasn't said yet that there will never be PvE content like this, but they haven't said anything about planning it either. Too bad. In the end, the whole space thing in SWToR is still a little sad mock-up compared to what was in Star Wars Galaxies.

Holiday season is nearing in as well and Bioware has confirmed that the Gree event will be back, bounty hunter event soon as well and some rumors are around about the return of the rakghoul event. Again, no exact dates yet (at least I haven't seen), more like just the talks but maybe it'll be around at some point. So be prepared to see on fleet exploding people who will spread the disease to everyone else around them. Cute.

In other news, we're still looking for more people interested in casual thee-times-per-week raids. We wish to get to a point where we can reliably and each time field our own 16-member guild raiding teams. At the moment we're close but not yet there. Thus, if you feel this is something you'd like to do and you'd like to be a part of mature and mostly serious casual guild then feel free to apply. We are running both more relaxed Story Mode raids and more demanding Hard Mode raids. To the left you can see which classes we're looking for, right now the highest "demand" would be for Scoundrel healers, Shadow and Vanguard tanks and Gunslinger DPS.