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Commander Hunting is in full swing!!!

Arcturis Scientrix / Nov 27, 2014
Dear Battalioners,

As you know we have escaped from the clutches of boring conquest point farming and have moved on to track down commanders. Because of the efforts of all those who volunteered we have been able to unlock our latest room on the crew deck!!!!

Our continued efforts will no doubt lead to more unlocks, and at a far more rapid pace! Let us all try and put in as much effort as we can and continue to expand our mutual home in to a place where we feel comfortable and can be proud off.

For those interested in seeing our newest room, feel free to visit the crew deck and let us know what you think :)



Drinks and Gifts for everyone!!!....compliments of Arc :P
Nice Nice !! Like I said earlier, I'm feeling the 'med-bay' :P

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