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Progression ops coming back online any time soon!

Eomir / Oct 12, 2014
Hello my fellow guildmates. It is so nice having again that many people on our ranks.
This has brought an even bigger succes with the conquest (which is a bigger deal that many of you might realise!)
There are so many guilds out there and yet we have come to a place where we reach the top placement each week easier than feared in the begining. And we have you all to thank!!

Seeing that we have reached again such a nice place, we feel that it is time to get the progression ops back online!
You've heard about those, many of you have participated as well. Now it is time to make our own ops once again!
So please, take some time to check what we ask, some more time to sign up and worry not about anything else!
We need to establish a base of people that we can begin with. That's why we need people attendance on the forum. We need to see that you are with us on this!

Fear not if the days don't work for you!
Fear not if you are not yet in optimal gear!
Fear not if you haven't done this before!
We are here to help, guide, and have fun with you!

So please take some time to let us know!


Really enjoyed the my first run of Dread Palace with the team. Good folks, good team, good healers :P and no wipes.. :D
It takes some practice but it gets even better when we keep clearing bosses :D

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