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The Dawn Of A New Age

Arcturis Scientrix / Aug 07, 2014
My fellow Battalioners, Battalionites, Battalionista's? :P

As you know lately things have been a little quiet, summer is upon us and that has taken a little drain on our activities. We lost some members however we are currently trying to replenish our numbers in order to prepare fully for guild strongholds. And we require your help!

I would also like to thank those of you who chose to remain with us through the good and the bad times, I know some have been tempted to look for other guilds, or focus their attention elsewhere but those of us remaining must strive to rebuild our guild to once again be able to tackle the challenges the game will throw at us.

Over the course of time we have been faced with these kinds of situations before, but how we deal with them attests to our strength of character and our determination, to never let adversity slow us down, and tackle our problems head on.

Battalioners, I salute you!



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