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Few thoughts about ops...

Eomir / Mar 08, 2014
Seeing that at the time being we run ops with new people and some pugs I would like to take some time to share some of my thoughts regarding the runs themselves, loot and attendance.
But before that i would like to urge each one of you who are interested into joining our progression team to declare so in this thread. That way we can have a clear picture on where we stand on our progression roster.

Now moving on... Our last runs went smoothly enough and it is nice to see more and more people getting interested into running ops with us :D
Seeing that new members join us already, I would like to urge them to take a short look on some tactics if possible so that they are more familiar with those places and enjoy the operation even more! I know though that this can be a bit tiresome and story mode ops do not need that much of preparation indeed. And I aggree, BUT, having to write what we do and how we do it can take it's toll. Time is spent,people are getting impatient. But worry NOT. This is where mumble comes in handy.
For those of you who have not already download and installed it, please do so. You do not have to speak. You can write what you have to say. But it cuts down explanation time (and thus the run's time) significantly, which in turn leads to more pleasuring ops.

As for the loot.. Well I don't really have any complains but in the last few runs I saw pugs needing on things which forced my hand to send them flying. Unfortunately this is a half-measure as the damage would already had been done. But the message is sent clearly to those who stay behind that such things are not tolerated.
And even though we don't have such issues inside our ranks, I like our people to lead by example.
So take some time to read (if you haven't already) how the last battalion rolls!

Stay safe all and see you online for more ops!

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