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So, what's new?

Diesoon / Mar 04, 2014
A good question. In essence there's nothing totally new yet, though SWToR development team is adding class balance patches to the game lately. How balanced things really will be is a question on it's own, as some features have been greeted by the community and some features have been lamented upon. Anyhoo, moving on.

A new mount is coming for those who have remained in the game as a subscriber, so called Lucky-77 Swoop Speeder. To be eligible person must be a subscriber by 17th of March. And there are also the season 1 end rewards for PvP players. Those with highest ranks can even get a rancor mount among other things, which can be cool for some and annoying for the rest. Imagine trying to access a mail box on Fleet only to see a wide rancor.. posterior blocking the access. Creepy.

There are not many other news yet, though it can be seen from the Atlanta tour files that some new flashpoints may be added in future to Tython and Korriban, the starter planets. At the moment it's unclear whether these would be higher level flashpoints or something for the new players on their starter planets. There will also be a Huttball area for Quesh and a new Galactic Starfighter map. No news about any new operations yet. Exact dates of these new additions are not yet known.


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