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Winter is coming! Or rather, already came and slapped everyone around..

Diesoon / Jan 26, 2014
And so some may ask "What's up during this winter"? Well, we have rakghouls traipse around on Alderaan (or "in Alderaan", depending on point of view), old jawa vendor from rakghoul event is back with the old and new goodies. We had the Gree visit us recently but for now they've taken off, probably spending the credits they got from us on some warm planet, on some beach. And bounty event will be back "soon" again, specifically in February. Note on rakghoul event, it's also periodic, meaning that it'll be around usually for a period of one week. It has daily missions, an operation in style of "Toborro's Courtyard", it has also some hidden dailys apparently and several achievements.

In other news patch 2.6 is already on PTS servers and being tested, it'll bring in several class changes and hopefully more improvements then nerfs. Also, it will have a new flashpoint and this time it'll not be new simply because of the new location, but also new because of mechanics. One noteworthy feature is "bolstering", meaning that players of all levels can play through the flashpoint, those who are not yet level 55 will be bolstered to that level. This means that there will be quite a bit more groups going there then before as the resource pool is the whole server population. Now whether a lvl 20 tank bolstered to lvl 55 knows how to tank when grouped with others who's "natural level" is 55 is another matter, but guess we'll see, huh? In addition to bolstering the flashpoint also promises changing encounters and tactics based on group general level and what not. Also, it will be bigger flashpoint, unlike some of the recent additions which have been quite small. Some may like it (more action), some may not ("aargh, more running!") but I guess there will never be 100% happiness no matter what.

New flashpoint will also bring new content for Galactic Starfighter like new area to fight in, and there will also be added a new ship type with game update 2.6 - a bomber. Some features of the bombers (but not limited to, maybe):

  • Bombers are tough support ships that drop mines and drones on the battlefield.
  • Mines detonate when enemies get into proximity, inflicting damage or crippling debuffs to all nearby foes.
  • Drones attack nearby enemies with a variety of weapons, while Repair Drones restore the hull of nearby allies.
  • Bombers can also place Hyperspace Beacons which function as mobile respawn points for their allies.

But, there is no new operation yet. Perhaps in near future something in that area will be added as well.


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