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Seteel / Feb 13, 2018
Ops Teams Recruiting!

Operation Teams R & H are now recruiting NIM-ready members. If you're interested, please apply on the respective team infoboards:

Team R:

Team H:

Guild Lotto!

Asaarna & friends have started up an operations lottery to help TLB members gain out-of-reach achievements, gear and cosmetics! Visit Asaarna's forum page for more info, and keep an eye out on Discord for announcements!
The Dragon Lady / Jul 22, 2017

Team Alpha - led by Asaarna & Axe
Team Beta - led by Rocco & Qui
Team Funzzies - led by Push & Formall
Team Mango - led by gate Crasher Xicory
Team Rogue One - led by Doc & Kasey

Hard Mode:
Team Chaos - led by Karl & Ash
Team Dentinel - led by Seteel & Mac
Team Elysium - led by Elms

If you wish to join an ops team, please contact Asaarna or Seteel via message here or on Discord (in-game mail is also an option but may result in slower replies).



16 man HM & NiM ops - most Sundays (led by Asaarna)
16 man SM ops - 2nd & 4th Sundays (led by Seteel)
Commander Hunts - every 2 weeks (led by Asaarna & Ashleigh)

Check the event calendar regularly to see what events are coming up!

Various team commanders work together to organise guild events. Some senior raiders also post spontaneous events such as HM ops. If you have ideas for guild events, please do field them to your team commander.



Time zone:
Step 1 - click on your name (top right of the screen)
Step 2 - click on user settings
Step 3 - click on Shivtr account (just above your avatar)
Step 4 - scroll to "timezone" and select your own timezone
Step 5 - click update

Guild Discord:
Guild Facebook Group:
Arcturis Scientrix / Nov 27, 2014
Dear Battalioners,

As you know we have escaped from the clutches of boring conquest point farming and have moved on to track down commanders. Because of the efforts of all those who volunteered we have been able to unlock our latest room on the crew deck!!!!

Our continued efforts will no doubt lead to more unlocks, and at a far more rapid pace! Let us all try and put in as much effort as we can and continue to expand our mutual home in to a place where we feel comfortable and can be proud off.

For those interested in seeing our newest room, feel free to visit the crew deck and let us know what you think :)

Eomir / Oct 12, 2014
Hello my fellow guildmates. It is so nice having again that many people on our ranks.
This has brought an even bigger succes with the conquest (which is a bigger deal that many of you might realise!)
There are so many guilds out there and yet we have come to a place where we reach the top placement each week easier than feared in the begining. And we have you all to thank!!

Seeing that we have reached again such a nice place, we feel that it is time to get the progression ops back online!
You've heard about those, many of you have participated as well. Now it is time to make our own ops once again!
So please, take some time to check what we ask, some more time to sign up and worry not about anything else!
We need to establish a base of people that we can begin with. That's why we need people attendance on the forum. We need to see that you are with us on this!

Fear not if the days don't work for you!
Fear not if you are not yet in optimal gear!
Fear not if you haven't done this before!
We are here to help, guide, and have fun with you!

So please take some time to let us know!
Arcturis Scientrix / Aug 07, 2014
My fellow Battalioners, Battalionites, Battalionista's? :P

As you know lately things have been a little quiet, summer is upon us and that has taken a little drain on our activities. We lost some members however we are currently trying to replenish our numbers in order to prepare fully for guild strongholds. And we require your help!

I would also like to thank those of you who chose to remain with us through the good and the bad times, I know some have been tempted to look for other guilds, or focus their attention elsewhere but those of us remaining must strive to rebuild our guild to once again be able to tackle the challenges the game will throw at us.

Over the course of time we have been faced with these kinds of situations before, but how we deal with them attests to our strength of character and our determination, to never let adversity slow us down, and tackle our problems head on.

Battalioners, I salute you!

Eomir / Mar 08, 2014
Seeing that at the time being we run ops with new people and some pugs I would like to take some time to share some of my thoughts regarding the runs themselves, loot and attendance.
But before that i would like to urge each one of you who are interested into joining our progression team to declare so in this thread. That way we can have a clear picture on where we stand on our progression roster.

Now moving on... Our last runs went smoothly enough and it is nice to see more and more people getting interested into running ops with us :D
Seeing that new members join us already, I would like to urge them to take a short look on some tactics if possible so that they are more familiar with those places and enjoy the operation even more! I know though that this can be a bit tiresome and story mode ops do not need that much of preparation indeed. And I aggree, BUT, having to write what we do and how we do it can take it's toll. Time is spent,people are getting impatient. But worry NOT. This is where mumble comes in handy.
For those of you who have not already download and installed it, please do so. You do not have to speak. You can write what you have to say. But it cuts down explanation time (and thus the run's time) significantly, which in turn leads to more pleasuring ops.

As for the loot.. Well I don't really have any complains but in the last few runs I saw pugs needing on things which forced my hand to send them flying. Unfortunately this is a half-measure as the damage would already had been done. But the message is sent clearly to those who stay behind that such things are not tolerated.
And even though we don't have such issues inside our ranks, I like our people to lead by example.
So take some time to read (if you haven't already) how the last battalion rolls!

Stay safe all and see you online for more ops!
Diesoon / Mar 04, 2014
A good question. In essence there's nothing totally new yet, though SWToR development team is adding class balance patches to the game lately. How balanced things really will be is a question on it's own, as some features have been greeted by the community and some features have been lamented upon. Anyhoo, moving on.

A new mount is coming for those who have remained in the game as a subscriber, so called Lucky-77 Swoop Speeder. To be eligible person must be a subscriber by 17th of March. And there are also the season 1 end rewards for PvP players. Those with highest ranks can even get a rancor mount among other things, which can be cool for some and annoying for the rest. Imagine trying to access a mail box on Fleet only to see a wide rancor.. posterior blocking the access. Creepy.

There are not many other news yet, though it can be seen from the Atlanta tour files that some new flashpoints may be added in future to Tython and Korriban, the starter planets. At the moment it's unclear whether these would be higher level flashpoints or something for the new players on their starter planets. There will also be a Huttball area for Quesh and a new Galactic Starfighter map. No news about any new operations yet. Exact dates of these new additions are not yet known.
Diesoon / Jan 26, 2014
And so some may ask "What's up during this winter"? Well, we have rakghouls traipse around on Alderaan (or "in Alderaan", depending on point of view), old jawa vendor from rakghoul event is back with the old and new goodies. We had the Gree visit us recently but for now they've taken off, probably spending the credits they got from us on some warm planet, on some beach. And bounty event will be back "soon" again, specifically in February. Note on rakghoul event, it's also periodic, meaning that it'll be around usually for a period of one week. It has daily missions, an operation in style of "Toborro's Courtyard", it has also some hidden dailys apparently and several achievements.

In other news patch 2.6 is already on PTS servers and being tested, it'll bring in several class changes and hopefully more improvements then nerfs. Also, it will have a new flashpoint and this time it'll not be new simply because of the new location, but also new because of mechanics. One noteworthy feature is "bolstering", meaning that players of all levels can play through the flashpoint, those who are not yet level 55 will be bolstered to that level. This means that there will be quite a bit more groups going there then before as the resource pool is the whole server population. Now whether a lvl 20 tank bolstered to lvl 55 knows how to tank when grouped with others who's "natural level" is 55 is another matter, but guess we'll see, huh? In addition to bolstering the flashpoint also promises changing encounters and tactics based on group general level and what not. Also, it will be bigger flashpoint, unlike some of the recent additions which have been quite small. Some may like it (more action), some may not ("aargh, more running!") but I guess there will never be 100% happiness no matter what.

New flashpoint will also bring new content for Galactic Starfighter like new area to fight in, and there will also be added a new ship type with game update 2.6 - a bomber. Some features of the bombers (but not limited to, maybe):

  • Bombers are tough support ships that drop mines and drones on the battlefield.
  • Mines detonate when enemies get into proximity, inflicting damage or crippling debuffs to all nearby foes.
  • Drones attack nearby enemies with a variety of weapons, while Repair Drones restore the hull of nearby allies.
  • Bombers can also place Hyperspace Beacons which function as mobile respawn points for their allies.

But, there is no new operation yet. Perhaps in near future something in that area will be added as well.