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#13004443 Jan 20, 2017 at 10:03 PM
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This study broke down the percentage of female/male players by game genre.

Interestingly, they note SWTOR as an exception on its genre: it does not have (proportionally) as many female players as fantasy MMO's, but it has a lot more females than other Sci-FI MMO's.

Quotes from the article:

5) High Fantasy MMO > Sci-Fi MMO

As we assembled the original MMO genre, we noticed a difference between High Fantasy and Sci-Fi MMOs, and decided to split the genre. This highlights the gender disparity in appeal based purely on thematic elements. High Fantasy MMOs have more than twice the percentage of female gamers compared with Sci-Fi gamers (36% vs. 16%).

This highlights the gender disparity in appeal based purely on thematic elements.

6) Star Wars: The Old Republic is Skewing the Genre High.

SWTOR has almost double the genre average of female gamers (29% vs. 16%). Without SWTOR, the genre average would be 11.3%, at which point the group average for High Fantasy MMOs would be more than 3 times higher than Sci-Fi MMOs.
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Interesting study; one of many I've come across over the years, but an 'update' is always welcome :D
I'm usually dubious about the aims and then the sampling when it comes to gender and gaming topics, but I like how they categorised the genres.

Interesting how SWTOR bucks the trend for sci-fi MMOs illustrating a higher than average percentage of female gamers. This however could be down to the developer behind the game...BioWare. Another of their titles, Dragon Age: Inquisition also bucks the trend in their respective genres.

Overall, I'm not all that surprised a greater portion of female gamers prefer casual and sim type games. I've seen this trend for the while. I have noticed an increase of females getting into the competitive/FPS type games though. Currently, I don't think there is enough for a review on FPS design, but if trends continue things should get a little more interesting.
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