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Guild Information

Team Alpha - led by Asaarna & Axe
Team Beta - led by Rocco & Qui
Team Funzzies - led by Push & Formall
Team Mango - led by gate Crasher Xicory
Team Rogue One - led by Doc & Kasey
Team H - led by Koordy

Hard Mode:
Team Chaos - led by Karl & Ash
Team Dentinel - led by Seteel & Mac
Team Elysium - led by Elms

If you wish to join an ops team, please contact Asaarna or Seteel via message here or on Discord (in-game mail is also an option but may result in slower replies).



16 man HM & NiM ops - most Sundays (led by Asaarna)
Commander Hunts - every 2 weeks (led by Asaarna & Ashleigh)

Check the event calendar regularly to see what events are coming up!

Various team commanders work together to organise guild events. Some senior raiders also post spontaneous events such as HM ops. If you have ideas for guild events, please do field them to your team commander.



Time zone:
Step 1 - click on your name (top right of the screen)
Step 2 - click on user settings
Step 3 - click on Shivtr account (just above your avatar)
Step 4 - scroll to "timezone" and select your own timezone
Step 5 - click update

Guild Discord:
Guild Facebook Group: