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"How To" and general guild information
1) How to set the site to your timezone: check This topic. After setting the timezone you sill see all events in your local time!

2) Team Speak Server details: click Here, mandatory tool during operation for all participants.

3) StarParse settings details: click Here, mandatory tool during operation for all participants.

4) General information and details about guild raids (operations): check This forum.

5) Raid (operations) tactics: check Here sub-forum.

6) Description of guild ranks, guild bank access and more: check This topic.

7) What's planned? click here.

8) We also have an alt guild and an imperial guild! read all about them here.

Some guild related news: If someone has some real life things what keep them away please update the "Leaves of Absence" topic so that we'd know what's going on. If you wish to participate in operations, please sign up here and log in on operation days in time (at least 15 minutes before operation start) so that we can organize groups and get the run on the way in time.

In other areas, we encourage social operators or new guild members to also sign up for our operations. On Wednesdays we have a progression run aimed at gearing up our members in EV and KP. Again, if you haven't done this content before then this is a good way to get to know it and to gear up your character and, if it's your "cup of tea", join our Progression team to tackle harder game content . To participate, you will need to sign up and also log in to Teamspeak during those operations (see the details above), you don't have to speak in Teamspeak if you don't want to but you will need to be able to hear.
Seteel / Feb 13, 2018
Ops Teams Recruiting!

Operation Teams R & H are now recruiting NIM-ready members. If you're interested, please apply on the respective team infoboards:

Team R:

Team H:

Guild Lotto!

Asaarna & friends have started up an operations lottery to help TLB members gain out-of-reach achievements, gear and cosmetics! Visit Asaarna's forum page for more info, and keep an eye out on Discord for announcements!